Every day we are one step closer to the Air Cargo Challenge 2019 and we hope the days of grooming are going to pay off. The construction of the two UAVs is done and the only thing left is the test flights, which takes place at the Airclub of Larisa.

Last week, we travelled all the way to the Airclub of Larisa only to test Nephele III. During the flight we noticed some errors that made us get back to work the day after. We are so glad to see that all the effort we have made, has an effect and we continue our hard work in order to become better and better.

Next week, our project is going to Larisa again to test both of the UAVs. We hope to achieve better results and higher performances. If you want to keep track of our latest updates of our flights you can follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/asat_auth/