Air Cargo Challenge '19, Stuttgart | Day 3

The second day of Air Cargo Challenge 2019 did not go as expected for our team. The cross winds were intense and the challenge for us even greater. The competition today started with Nephele III, which after three attempts failed to take off, because of a rear landing gear failing. At first, Aurora’s performance looked really […]

Air Cargo Challenge ’19, Stuttgart | Day 2

The second day of Air Cargo Challenge 2019 in Stuttgart has just been completed. Today, the competition included two phases, the flight tests and the official flights, which will be at least three for every competitive airplane. Twelve out of the twenty seven teams didn’t manage to fly successfully, unlikely our two participations, which matched […]

Air Cargo Challenge '19, Stuttgart | Day 1

Today the technical inspections of our competitive UAV models, Nephele III and Aurora, were successfully completed at the Air Cargo Challenge 2019. We are excited to share with you that our models have passed all the necessary reviews and they both move on to the next phase of the competition. During the past two years, […]

One step closer to the ACC 2019

Every day we are one step closer to the Air Cargo Challenge 2019 and we hope the days of grooming are going to pay off. The construction of the two UAVs is done and the only thing left is the test flights, which takes place at the Airclub of Larisa. Last week, we travelled all […]

Meet the Stability & Control Sub-Team | Aeronautics

The two main responsibilities of the Stability and Control sub-team are to conduct the complete analysis and study of both the “static” and “dynamic” stability of the aircraft. Theoretically, the Static Stability is referred to the design of the control surfaces and the tail of the aircraft through an iterative process, in order to identify […]

Aeronautics | Meet the Structural Team

When somebody thinks of designing an aircraft, they usually believe it’s a job that requires solely aerodynamic studies, graphic modelling and some imagination. However, there is more into it. The Aerodynamics sub team is indeed responsible for conducting the studies, but they do not design every aspect and detail of the aircraft, nor do they […]

Aeronautics | Meet the Aerodynamics Team

Each airplane before reaching the manufacturing stage goes through the long design process. The Aerodynamics sub-team has a primary role in design. Initially, aerodynamics is defined as the specific field of fluid mechanics that deals with the movement of fluids, in particular air, around bodies. This motion generates forces that need to be studied in […]

Aurora's First Flight Is Completed!

On May 25, Aeronautics team visited Larissa for Aurora’s first flight. Aurora is an Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Glider type and constitutes one of our two participations at this year’s Air Cargo Challenge (ACC) in Stuttgart. At the same time, Nephele, which is our second participation of a different design, is being constructed. One day […]

Aeronautics | What is a UAV?

Defining the term UAV becomes difficult when taking into consideration the various shapes and purposes of each Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It usually is the main component of a so called UAS, Unmanned Aircraft System, including a ground-based controller and a system of communications between the two. UAVs come in various design types that depend on […]

ASAT made it TWICE! 🏆 ✈️

We are so proud of our projects, but this time our Aeronautics project has crossed the limits. We are going to participate in the Air Cargo Challenge 2019 (ACC) with two models, which both got accepted by the organization a few days ago! They are completely different models and the second one is a real challenge […]

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