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Rocketry Project

Sub-team summary:

The Aerodynamics sub-team is responsible for the aerodynamic design, trajectory analysis of the rocket, analysis of shock-wave formation, developing configurations and automatic control systems to improve rocket’s performance.

Position Description:

The goal of the Aerodynamics Engineer is to design a rocket that meets the requirements set by the team and competition rules. The primary one is to design a stable rocket that reaches the target apogee precisely. Drag and phenomena affecting it are studied to minimize their effect and increase the efficiency of the rocket. These include base drag, flow separation and shock-wave formation. Furthermore, emphasis is given to the accurate prediction of the rocket’s trajectory.

During the design a combination of opensource (OpenRocket: configuration layout, initial sizing, trajectory analysis) and commercial (ANSA, ANSYS: CFD analysis) software is used, in addition to tools developed by the sub-team in MATLAB for performance assessment and further trajectory analysis.

Additionally, R&D is realized for the development of new tools, improvement of existing ones, creation of innovative designs and optimization of the design process.

The Aerodynamics Engineer is expected to:

  • Research literature
  • Configure layout of the rocket
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Perform Trajectory analysis
  • Perform CFD Analysis (ANSA, ANSYS)
  • Develop Software on performance assessment and trajectory simulation
  • Optimize rocket performance
  • Perform wind tunnel testing and evaluate results
  • R&D on new configurations, design tools
Preferred Skills and Education:
  • Team Player
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Matlab
  • ANSA, ANSYS CFX/Fluent
  • Solidworks
  • LaTex