• Student Position

Rocketry Project

Sub-team Summary:

The Payload Sub-team is responsible for designing a functional payload that will be housed inside a rocket. The payload’s experiment will be conducted throughout the flight and will be meaningful if it uses the rocket’s conditions. Also, it could be an experiment related to any science or technology field. At this moment Payload Sub-team is designing a detection system which is going to measure the radiation dose that a body will receive during a flight. The rocket’s payload can incorporate more than one experiments that will have different scientific interests and functionalities. Now the designing of a new experiment could be started to complete the mission for our next model.

Position Description:

A Payload Scientist is responsible for:

  • Pitching an idea for an experiment to be conducted inside the rocket
  • Conducting research on papers based on the payload’s nature
  • Design and development of the experiment
  • Testing it to ensure its functionality

Preferred skills:

  • Candidates who are excited about science and technology
  • Ability to provide practical and reliable design solutions
  • Excellent organizational and communicational skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a team
  • Excellent knowledge of ms office (word, excel, powerpoint)