SEM subteam’s main responsibilities are solar panels design, analysis and implementation, battery charging circuit design and construction and rechargeable batteries research and selection.

Solar Panels

PV selection for our solar-powered UAV is very important. Not only should they meet UAV’s energy requirements, but they must also be suitable in order to be integrated to the construction. High efficiency PV cells selection is crucial so as to achieve great autonomy for our UAV. SEM subteam’s members are also responsible for PV connection and implementation on our UAV.

Battery Charging Circuit

Specific battery charging circuit has to be constructed in order to achieve battery charging via PV cells. After choosing appropriate hardware components, careful connection has to be done. Our goal is to convert the changing voltage from PV
cells to a constant voltage so as to supply the battery and the UAV’s electric motor. In addition, maximum utilization of generated energy from solar panels must be achieved

Rechargeable Batteries

After UAV energy balance analysis is made, rechargeable batteries are selected. Initially, appropriate battery type must be chosen. Βatteries must provide the proper voltage in order to power our electric motor. They must be durable, light weight and their energy density has to be as high as possible so as to achieve great autonomy.