Electronics Laboratory, School of Electical & Computer Engineering

The Electronics Laboratory of the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki focuses in analog circuit design, analog analog testing and fault diagnosis, analog signal processing and neural network implementations, integrated inductor design and CAD tool development. It is equipped with the necessary laboratory infrastructure and the required suitable experimental setups.

The director of the Electronics Laboratory, Professor Alkiviadis A. Hatzopoulos after being introduced and actively participated in the project, provided the team with access to the facilities of the Electronics Laboratory. Since November 2018, our team uses the laboratory as the main facility for researching, designing, prototyping and implementing the nanosatellite while also scheduling meetings and holding training sessions there.

A.S.A.T.’s Main Laboratory

All A.S.A.T projects operate from our team’s main laboratory, a workspace located within AUTh campus. This is the workspace our team uses since 2015 and it has been secured by our supervising professor Kyros Yakinthos. A.S.A.T’s Main Lab is equipped with the necessary tools and workbenches, providing an ideal setup for designing and constructing breakthrough ideas. Since A.S.A.T’s two other projects are more involved with more hands-on work, CubeSat members usually operate here to prototype and construct components for the CubeSat and other side projects.