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CubeSats are tiny spacecraft being used to perform different missions in space. In the simplest (and most common) form, a 1U CubeSat is a 100x100x100 mm cubic structure, weighting about 1 kg. Since their introduction in 1999, more than 1000 CubeSats have been launched into space by universities, government agencies and companies, paving the way for an affordable platform which can be used to perform scientific experiments. Our team designs a 3U CubeSat (340,5x100x100 mm) which will study the gene expression in eukaryotic cells in the space environment. The team aims to participate in the third edition of the Fly Your Satellite! programme, a dedicated programme of the European Space Agency challenging students to design their own satellite.

AcubeSAT is the third and newest project of A.S.A.T, which was created to expand the team’s and the university’s activities in the sector of space technology. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, despite being the largest academic institution in Greece, has limited expertise in the field of space technology. With this project, our team aims to generate and dissipate knowledge within the academic and corporate community about the prospects and opportunities of aerospace engineering and applications thereof, while simultaneously introducing and engaging the general public to the space capabilities of Greek Academic Institutions. The core team responsible for the mission and design of the nanosatellite consists of almost 40 students from different departments of AUTh and other academic institutions, who in return gain valuable experience in designing a space mission.

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