RGCC is a specialist medical genetics company, established in 2004 with headquarters in Switzerland.

We are experts in developing and providing personalised cancer genetics tests for doctors and patients, and testing tumours for sensitivity and resistance to chemotherapy treatment and a range of natural substances.

We are actively involved in pharmaceutical research and development. Our facilities are equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment and specialised software for data analysis.

RGCC is a global organisation, and we work in collaboration with branch offices and distributors to provide a worldwide service.

Our work can be divided into two main sectors.

• Our testing services, which detect tumours that are sensitive and resistant to chemotherapy treatment using microarray technology. This uses high throughput screening to provide an automated and fast method to process blood samples and screen different types of libraries, including combinatorial chemistry, genomics, protein and peptide libraries.

• Our analytical services, which includes detecting, immunophenotyping and isolating circulating tumour cells, using flow cytometers.

A.S.A.T. would like to thank RGCC for their interest in our CubeSat’s scientific payload and their generous financial support which helps bring AcubeSAT to life.

Prisma Electronics provides technology-based solutions for businesses and organizations on design, develop, and manufacture a wide array of IT, smart-grid and wireless-based systems, and integrated electronic components. Based in Northern Greece, Prisma Electronics is proud to offer solutions to its clients worldwide.

The production procedures involved with the manufacturing of electronics are complex and require a high degree of precision, safety and state-of-the-art equipment. Our production facilities, including Clean-room area ISO7, are fully certified and capable of producing a full range of electronic components to the highest standards. Prisma Electronics insists upon the highest level of competency and specialization in our workforce and personnel has been trained and certified on IPC and ECSS standards.

The Company is one of the most active Greek Companies on Space projects, having involved in Critical ESA Missions and Manufacturing projects for Commercial Satellites.

Prisma Electronics has built a reputation for innovation through cooperation, and the company works with many key partners on R&D and Manufacturing projects. Our collaborators include leading National and International Academic and Research centers and Technology Clusters. Indicative is our work with ESA, CERN, the Corallia Innovation Cluster, and more.

A.S.A.T. would like to thank Prisma Electronics for manufacturing the engineering and flight models for ACubeSAT’s PCBs according to ECSS standards and their continuous support to our project.

Radian Systems aims to ease access to thermal analysis for space companies and institutions, making use of today’s technologies to provide a seamless, agile software that spans from the first concept designs to the actual mission. Our product is a cloud-based software that performs thermal analyses for satellites, simulating accurate in-orbit conditions throughout a given mission.

A.S.A.T. would like to thank Radian Systems for assisting our team in designing the Thermal Control of our spacecraft and also performing thermal analyses for our models.