Rocketry Project is the first of its kind in Greece. It was founded in October 2016 by engineering students with the initial goal of engaging University students in Rocket Science. After the knowledge and the experience which was gained, the goals were separated into the two main goals of the project.

The first goal is to introduce Rocket Science to the Greek community and its Academic Institutions in order to further develop this field and create a network of individuals, groups, and companies around it.

The second goal is to compete to the Spaceport America Cup (S.A.C.) competition, which is the world’s largest student rocketry competition, which takes place in the United States. The mission of the competition is to design, manufacture and launch a rocket in a variety of categories depending on the altitude and type of the rocket’s propellant. Our project targets 10.000 feet A.G.L. (Above Ground Level) using a solid propellant motor, aiming for the highest possible elevation accuracy and safely recovery by using parachutes and thus making the rocket reusable.

The team incorporates many S.R.A.D. (Student Researched and Developed) components in the design of its rockets. The motors used for the team’s flights are S.R.A.D. solid propellant rocket motors. For data acquisition during flight, the team uses an S.R.A.D. flight computer for detecting apogee and tracking the vehicle’s flight dynamics. Many other components like the body tube, fins, nose cone, parachute’s ejection mechanism, etc. are also S.R.A.D.

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