ASAT’s Rocketry Project is the first of its kind in Greece. It had been established in October of 2016 by some students of the Technical University of Thessaloniki, seeking knowledge in the field of Experimental Rocketry. With the passage of time, the experienced that has been gained laid the groundwork for the consolidation of our Project’s two biggest goals.

The first one is the desire of promoting and developing this field on a University level and to the wider community of our country. All these encourage the creation of a network consisting of individuals, groups, and partners around ASAT-Rocketry.

Our second goal is participation in the Spaceport American Cup (S.A.C.), which is the biggest student Rocket competition in the world and takes place in New Mexico of the U.S.A. The competition’s mission is the designing, the construction, and the launch of a rocket in a variety of categories depending on the altitude and propellant’s type. Our Project aims to an apogee of 10000ft A.G.L. (Above Ground Level) by using a COTS motor of solid propellant. Also, through the designing process is sought the bigger altitude accuracy and safe recovery, making the rocket reusable. In addition, within the contest of S.A.C., our members are working on developing a functional payload.

To last year until now, ASAT-Rocketry has managed to broaden its activity field through various projects that have been carried out. Upcoming launches, static tests of SRAD motors, participation in social events and R&D projects are some of our team’s activities. Technical progress has been made by manufacturing many SRAD unities such as a flight computer assisting on detection of apogee, data recording and rocket’s flight performance during flight. Finally, the injection mechanism releases the chutes, the body tubes of scale rockets, the fins and testing motors are only a few examples of this kind of technical activities.

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