The goal of this recently formed department is to develop controllers and mechanisms, so as to improve the performance and the dynamic behaviour of the rocket. This is achieved through analysis, modeling of physical and automatic control systems and extraction of transfer functions. Necessary for the design and performance assessment of the controller is the simulation of the systems. These are realized in Matlab and Simulink.
Ενσωμάτωση Airbrakes σε πύραυλο
Airbrake intergration

An airbrake system is currently being developed, whose goal is to control the apogee of the rocket. This is achieved by controlling fins, vertical to the airflow, that increase the rocket’s drag. The first version of the controller and mechanism have already been designed, as well as the simulation software, in collaboration with the Aerodynamic Design department. A prototype remains to be built for evaluation of the airbrake system. Further on, its development will continue and its complexity will increase due to the growing number of the controlled variables and the greater accuracy of simulation software.

Some of the sub-system’s future goals include the development of a roll control system and an active fin control, which will allow full control of the rocket’s orientation.