who we are

Aristotle Space & Aeronautics Team


The Aeronautics project studies, designs and construct Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs). Its goals are the participation in the biannual international competition, Air Cargo Challenge, and the development of an innovative Solar Powered UAV.


The Rocketry project is the first student project in Greece to expand into High Power Rocketry (H.P.R.). Its aim is to spread Rocketry to Greece as well as participate in the world's largest Rocketry student competition, Spaceport America Cup.

CubeSat - Old Project

The CubeSat project is designing a 3U CubeSat to study the effects of microgravity and cosmic radiation on human-like cells. From January 2021, it doesn't constitute a part of ASAT, but a new independent team named SpaceDot.

Few words about us

A student team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, founded in October 2015 by Mechanical Engineering students. Being the first Aerospace student association in the University, its goal is the development of Aerospace knowledge and culture among the students and faculty.



See our latest work here.

Aeronautics’ Solar UAV

Solar UAV Aeronautics project continues to thrive and leads to innovation! Inspired by the vision of the previous generation of project members, Aeronautics presents the inception of the design of a pioneering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Read more…