Why sponsor us?

International promotion, through competitions and event

Our team has an important presence in competitions (competitions, conventions and social events), having as the main priority the promotion of your company.

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Promotion in our team’s social media

As a result of our great devotion in our social media presence, we have achieved a monthly reach of 60,000 people.

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Participation in ASAT’s events

We are always eager to get in touch with our partners and discuss with them. For that reason we organize several different events, such as:

  1. Career Days: an internal event devoted to our collaborators and ASAT’s members
  2. Sponsored podcasts “Conversing with the Pros”: a series of YouTube podcasts dedicated to the companies with which we collaborate
  3. Award ceremony for our sponsors
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Opportunity to support innovative projects

We focus on innovation and the development of research projects characterized by advanced technology, that provide solutions to some of the most critical problems of the modern world.

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Contact and discussion with companies of various fields

Through the events organized by our team, all our partners have the ability to present their area of expertise and establish contact with companies of different fields.

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Meaningful support towards students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest university community in Greece and thus a lot of companies with great levels of social responsibility choose to support actively the students and their projects.

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