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“Rockets? Satellites? UAVs? Who manufactures them?”

How would it sound, if I told you that a few students are designing a UAV? Yes, you got it right, an innovative unmanned air vehicle, capable of lifting loads and execute a specific mission, while using solar power for its function.

How would it sound, if I told you that some other students are manufacturing the propellant part of a rocket? But apart from that, also the entire rocket, alongside with a system for its safe recovery back to the ground?

How would it sound, if Ι told you that some other students oversaw the design of a nanosatellite? Yes, indeed, a real nanosatellite! All electronic systems, its trajectory, its operating code! What if the goal of this nanosatellite was not only to get in orbit, but something bigger? Like conducting a biological experiment in special conditions?

Now how would it sound, if I told you that these students are here? Not somewhere else, here, in Thessaloniki! And they are people just like you! They like to create and they do something about it. They dream about something, build it and fly it! It’s not a flight of fancy or something elusive! You can now be one of those who “give-wings” to A.S.A.T.! 

Take the chance to experience our team’s environment, and experience of aerospace! Design and build! Even if you are neither an engineer nor have any idea about these things, but you are enchanted by the aerospace environment, you can join us! Because team among other things means communication and that’s why A.S.A.T. has a marketing department that is waiting to embrace new ideas,new ideas, your own colors through Social Media, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography and Public Relations.

Join our team now!
“Dream it, Build it, Fly it” – A.S.A.T. 

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The only thing you have to do is to press the Join Us! below, or in the menu above. For further information about how to submit your application to join our team, check the Guide here:

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Guide: How to submit your apply to join our team

Choose the Project you prefer to be a part of.

Choose your position.

Read carefully the Position Description and the Preferred Skills. Then click “Apply for Position” button.

Click at the link that appears.

At the end, complete the form with all your required information and click at the button below.




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