Avionics Telecommunication Engineer

As an Avionics Telecommunications Engineer you will have the opportunity to design the rocket’s/groundstations’ telemetry systems and antennas. You will also conduct Electromagnetic Analyses/Simulations for the telemetry systems used.

Participates in the below projects:


  • Transmitter/Receiver Modules selection
  • Antenna Design
  • Electromagnetic Analysis
  • Telecommunication Protocols’ selection and compliance
  • Software Defined Radio programming

Learned Skills:

  • Electromagnetic Field understanding
  • Antenna Design basic knowledge
  • Basic electronics knowledge
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Familiarity with Embedded Systems
  • HAM license
  • Experience with electromagnetic analysis software
  • Ability to provide practical and reliable solutions
Department: Rocketry
Job Type: Student Position

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