I.T. System Administrator

As a team with multiple needs, many members and a lot of common tasks, ASAT uses a large number of IT (Information Technology) services for communication (Mattermost), project management (OpenProject), file storage (Nextcloud), meeting management (4minitz), webmails, and more. Additionally, the team is maintaining a number of in-house software packages to support logistics and design, including custom bots and integrations.

All the above require a number of IT operators, responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all servers and services, as well as the implementation of new and exciting open-source ideas and applications.

Position Description:

As an IT software engineer, you will be in close contact with each project to learn about their requirements and needs. You will have the chance to learn and be responsible for:

  • Participating in the design & development of web applications suiting the team’s needs
  • Maintaining the team’s services with high performance and reliability
  • Installing and regularly updating all of the team’s SaaS utilities
  • Managing and securing a number of Linux servers and computing environments, including administering services such as apache2, nginx, MySQL, openldap
  • Providing quick support to the team’s members for their IT needs

Preferred skills:

Any of the below skills will be useful to an applicant for the IT engineer position:

  • Knowledge of Linux and the linux shell
  • Experience in server administration, including package management, configuration management and software compilation
  • Experience with technologies such as Docker, Ansible and tools such as nginx, apache2, MySQL, OpenLDAP or postfix
  • Experience with web development and front-end or back-end frameworks
  • Knowledge of scripting languages, such as bash, Python, of Perl
  • Experience with web security and the importance 
  • Willingness to experiment with new technologies and to collaborate with other team members in a multi-disciplinary environment
  • Trustworthiness and conscientiousness
Department: Resources
Job Type: Student Position
Subsystem: IT

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