The Operations subsystem is responsible for various tasks revolving around the Aeronautics and Rocketry Departments, with the most notable being the logistics and safety procedures. This subsystem is responsible for tackling the challenges associated with the above tasks, as well as cataloging and arranging the orders of the projects. 

The first and biggest task of the Operations members is the logistics that the team needs to take into account for participating in a worldwide competition, arranging domestic flights and launches, and taking part in conventions and festivals either in Greece or abroad. In that context, the members are responsible for finding ways of arranging all necessary processes regarding transportation, accommodation, legal coverage, and bureaucratic procedures. 

In the context of Safety, the subsystem is called upon to ensure the protection of the members and the integrity of the equipment. Its members detect and study hazards involved in Rocketry and Aeronautics, while getting properly informed, in order to determine the safe operating framework of the team. The study is based on national and European legislations that accompany these two fields. The activities are divided into launches/flights and laboratory work.

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