You have definitely heard about our aircraft AEOLUS, with which we are going to compete in the upcoming Air Cargo Challenge (ACC) in Munich in June 2022. Our team’s endeavor was to design and manufacture a UAV powered by an electric propulsion system that follows all guidelines and competition limitations. The payload consists of a number of 300g simulated blood bags , according to the foreseen plan, it will be transported in less than 180 seconds for the maximum possible distance. The main aspect of our mission is to study the phenomenon of sloshing and minimize its effects. So far the design process has been successfully underway by our team in a time frame of eight months and shortly we are about to enter the manufacturing and detailed design phases.



Inspired by the vision of the previous generation of project members, Aeronautics presents the inception of the design of a pioneering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

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Nephele I

Nephele I was the original aircraft made for ACC 2017, but it never participated in it. Its improved version, Nephele II was the one that

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Nephele II

Nephele II was the aircraft designed and constructed for the first time our team competed in the Air Cargo Challenge. That took place in Zagreb,

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