CubeSat On-Board Computer Subsystem

On-Board Computer Subsystem The On-Board Computer (OBC) subsystem is considered to be the “brain” of the satellite. It will be primarily responsible for coordinating and performing the basic functions required for the operation of the nanosatellite (CubeSat) as well as for its control by the ground. In addition, the subsystem’s responsibilities include the integration of […]

CubeSat Structural Subsystem

Structural Subsystem In CubeSats, structural engineers are trained to design the ‘bones and muscles’ that create the form and shape of the nanosatellite. In more detail, for AcubeSAT, the subteam members had to carefully design both the exterior and the interior part of the nanosatellite. The exterior part of the nanosatellite is constituted by the […]

CubeSat Telecommunications Subsystem

Telecommunications Subsystem The Communications subsystem ensures that payload, telemetry and telecommand data are successfully exchanged between the AcubeSAT (space segment) and the ground station (ground segment).  A custom patch antenna has already been manufactured in order to transmit the payload data. It was implemented based on our design, but an accurate measurement was necessary to […]

CubeSat Science Unit Subsystem

Science Unit Subsystem The Science Unit’s task is the design of the AcubeSAT’s research mission, i.e. the satellite payload, comprised of the yeast cells to be studied and the micro-instrumentation necessary for the realization of the mission goals. Since 2002, almost a thousand CubeSats have been launched, however, less than ten have been centered on […]

A.S.A.T. officially participates in ESA's Fly Your Satellite! 3

We are in! Our team, A.S.A.T, with Scientific Heads, Prof. Kyros Yakinthos and PostDoc Researcher Pericles Panagiotou, being accepted to the European Space Agency programme “Fly Your Satellite!”, sets an important milestone for AUTh, rendering it the first Greek university to develop and fly its own nanosatellite in the context of said programme. The nanosatellite […]

We are Open-Source!

Our CubeSat’s code for On-Board Computer is Open-Source! What is open Source? Open source is a term denoting that a product includes permission to use its source code, design documents, or content. So, following the path of previous CubeSat teams, we have all our code uploaded on GitHub! That way we want to help future CubeSat teams to […]

CubeSat – Meet the Electrical Power Subsystem

What is Energy? It is both a simple and complex question to any person among the humankind. So, why don’t we go back in time and ask a man whose work is acknowledged from every scientist in the world. When lecturing about conservation of energy in the 1960s, Richard Feynman remarked: “It is important to […]

CubeSat – Meet the ADCS Sub-team

AcubeSAT is ready to leave the ISS launcher, and start its long journey around earth. There it goes… oh no, a malfunction of the launcher made the cubesat rotate with extremely high speed! Is the AcubeSAT alone and doomed now? Is this the end of its mission? No. ADCS is here. Its role is not […]

CubeSat – Meet the Science Unit

Can humanity develop sustainable and autonomous colonies beyond Earth? Will we ever traverse the interstellar medium with the same trivial demeanor as we do the Atlantic ocean nowadays? Landing on the moon as part of the Apollo program sparked our imagination and enthusiasm about the possibility of becoming an interplanetary society. Exciting though it may […]

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