Fly your Satellite! One step closer!

For a project to have a specific goal is certainly helping to be able and define its course. Achieving this goal however is another story. In most cases there are huge challenges and obstacles acting as a road block in the success of the project; the differentiation point of a successful project from one that failed is the will power and determination of the members comprising it.

Dream it, Build it, Fly it!
Thessaloniki, Greece

| Giving a 30 minute – whole project presentation,

 was also an emotional moment for us. We made a lot of rehearsals in front of our members, our professors and some of our sponsors, but the presentation day was a totally different story. Sure there was anxiety, as always, but the thing that came out from all the three presenters is the emotions they had. The feeling that we worked hard when we had no support, we went through rough times and yet we survived as a project was so intense that this was the best “rehearsal” we did. The take-home message from all our course so far is that when you are facing something that has the size of mount Everest, try to climb it wisely and don’t give up by staying there or returning back because the cold could kill you. So do you have an idea? If yes, then get up and start working for it the hardest way possible.



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