Conventional Materials Manufacturing and Science Engineer

This member of the team is specialized in researching different metal, polymer and ceramic materials and making the right choice on a specific design. He/she will acquire and implement his knowledge of different manufacturing methods (conventional/additive manufacturing) on the team’s component designs. Also, his/her skills and responsibilities may overlap with that of a structural designer & analysis engineer in some occasions.

Participates in the below projects:


  • Research on metal, polymer and ceramic materials
  • Operation of conventional, CNC and Additive manufacturing equipment
  • Testing and defining the physical properties of various materials

Learned Skills:

  • Various programming languages (Matlab, G code)
  • CAD Design (Inventor, Fusion 360)
  • FEM (ANSA, META, Abaques)
  • Testing Protocol Design
  • Failure Theory
  • Operation of manufacturing machines

Department: Rocketry

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