Parachute Engineer

The Recovery Engineer is in charge of getting the rocket back safely on the ground, usually with a set of two parachutes opened at different times so that the rocket can touch down safely without drifting too far away. We are looking for someone to design, manufacture and test our new set of parachutes!

Participates in the below projects:

  • Project Sky dancer,
  • All of the rocket projects currently running


  • Thorough research on recovery parachute systems and geometries suitable for any mission.
  • Analysis and optimization in the design of parachutes.
  • Calculate the descent rates and forces created on the parachutes.
  • Work on prototypes to research new and optimized solutions to improve the recovery systems.
  • Manufacture the designed parachutes.
  • Design, plan and execute the ground and drop testings of the parachutes. Apply what you designed by working hands-on on real-world problems. Cooperate with the other members of the Recovery subsystem.
  • Update and create the documentation.

Learned Skills:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • CAD Softwares (Inventor, Solidworks)
  • Various Programming Languages (Matlab, python C++) MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Latex
Department: Rocketry
Job Type: Student Position

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