Air Cargo Challenge '19, Stuttgart | Day 3

The second day of Air Cargo Challenge 2019 did not go as expected for our team. The cross winds were intense and the challenge for us even greater. The competition today started with Nephele III, which after three attempts failed to take off, because of a rear landing gear failing. At first, Aurora’s performance looked really […]

Air Cargo Challenge ’19, Stuttgart | Day 2

The second day of Air Cargo Challenge 2019 in Stuttgart has just been completed. Today, the competition included two phases, the flight tests and the official flights, which will be at least three for every competitive airplane. Twelve out of the twenty seven teams didn’t manage to fly successfully, unlikely our two participations, which matched […]

Air Cargo Challenge '19, Stuttgart | Day 1

Today the technical inspections of our competitive UAV models, Nephele III and Aurora, were successfully completed at the Air Cargo Challenge 2019. We are excited to share with you that our models have passed all the necessary reviews and they both move on to the next phase of the competition. During the past two years, […]

Aeronautics | Meet the Aerodynamics Team

Each airplane before reaching the manufacturing stage goes through the long design process. The Aerodynamics sub-team has a primary role in design. Initially, aerodynamics is defined as the specific field of fluid mechanics that deals with the movement of fluids, in particular air, around bodies. This motion generates forces that need to be studied in […]

Aurora's First Flight Is Completed!

On May 25, Aeronautics team visited Larissa for Aurora’s first flight. Aurora is an Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Glider type and constitutes one of our two participations at this year’s Air Cargo Challenge (ACC) in Stuttgart. At the same time, Nephele, which is our second participation of a different design, is being constructed. One day […]

How to launch a rocket?

We’ve all seen in the movies rockets being launched, but how exactly does this work? The secret is called Ignition Box and it’s something that you all have seen. Our Rocketry team, beside being responsible for the design of rocket Hyperion, needs to create its own Ignition Box. It is formed by a key operated […]

Thank you note – KEDEA

We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart, who attended the technical presentation of our nano-satellite on March 6 at KEDEA and honored us with their presence and their good mood. For those who did not manage to be with us, we decided to upload our presentation to get a taste […]

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