Graphic Design

The Graphic Design subsystem is occupied with the production of all the visual data used by the team, for marketing purposes and many more. We are referring to information that is utilized for promoting the team’s two technical departments (Aeronautics & Rocketry), making their actions known to the public, as well as contacting existing and potential partners.

Being a member of the Graphic Design subsystem involves the design of original graphic elements, the synthesis of entire images and the typographic organization of texts provided by other subsystems. For instance, some of the responsibilities of a graphic designer are designing posters, informational leaflets, social media templates, images for the team’s website, cards and merch items. However, the most challenging task is the creation of the mission patches, each one of which represents a specific UAV or rocket and its unique mission. Since for all the aforementioned to be completed information needs to be transmitted between subsystems, it is crucial that there is constant communication with people outside the Graphic Design subsystem, so as to ensure a smooth collaboration.

Every member is allowed to use any technique they consider appropriate for the optimum communication of the desired message. Nevertheless, it is important to also take into account ASAT’s visual guidelines that set the parameters upon which each person will act. Consequently, apart from being able to use some programs for digital design, one should be characterized by imagination and the ability to conform themselves with the boundaries set to preserve the team’s brand.

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