Public Relations & Fundraising

The main responsibility of the Public Relations & Fundraising (PR-FR) subsystem is ensuring financial and material sponsorships, which are utilized by the technical departments for the achievement of our goals. More specifically, the members of the PR-FR subsystem communicate with companies from various sectors, via phone calls and emails, to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. When this happens, ASAT offers plenty of compensatory benefits to its partners, so as to create and maintain a long-lasting relationship with them.

A significant accomplishment of the PR-FR subsystem, in collaboration with the team’s Graphic Designers, is the creation of ASAT’s Booklet, a document that includes information about the team, its projects and achievements. This document is a very useful tool during the process of finding sponsorships, as it provides a well-rounded overview of our team very briefly.

Another aspect of the work completed by this subsystem has to do with the cultivation of public relations to promote ASAT globally. The promotion of the team is completed through a series of promotional strategies and the organization of several events throughout the year.

Lastly, the PR-FR subsystem seeks to ensure the team’s appearance in articles and interviews, thus spreading its achievements. 

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