Our journey with Aeolus to ACC 2022!

In July 2022, our team achieved another important distinction as it participated and stood out for the 3rd time in a row in the international aeronautical engineering competition, Air Cargo Challenge (ACC). The Air Cargo Challenge is a student competition, held every two years by the winning student team from the previous competition, for which […]

Anemone: Throwback to the 1st R&D project of the Aeronautics Department

Looking back to last year, the greatest achievement of the Aeronautics Department was the manufacturing and flight of the Anemone UAV. It is the first R&D project of the department, and it equipped us with valuable experience and expertise on different manufacturing methods than the ones we had utilized in the past. The UAV’s mission […]

Discovering the challenges of solar unmanned aerial flight

The Solar Energy Management (SEM) sub-system of the Aeronautics Project was founded in April 2020 and aims at building the necessary photovoltaic system that will meet the energy requirements of our Solar UAV – Phoenix. It is also responsible for optimizing generated energy from the sun and properly distributing it to the rest of the […]

Aeronautics' Project 2020 achievements

Aeronautics has entered 2021 with a more dynamic and versatile personality, while its enhanced capabilities allow the project to set a list of S.M.A.R.T and exciting goals. First of all, the project has managed to arm itself with numerous, new capable members, who are to significantly facilitate the process of R&D (Research & Design). A […]

Aeronautics' Solar UAV

Solar UAV Aeronautics project continues to thrive and leads to innovation! Inspired by the vision of the previous generation of project members, Aeronautics presents the inception of the design of a pioneering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This particular UAV will be powered by solar radiation with the use of solar panels, with its primary objectives the […]

Aeronautics Aerodynamics Subsystem

Aerodynamics Subsystem The aerodynamic design of an air vehicle, apart from the study and analysis of the aerodynamic behavior of its parts (wing, fuselage, tail), singleton or combined, includes the study of its dynamic behavior as well, by sizing the control surfaces. This task is undertaken by the control subsystem of the aerodynamics subteam. The […]

Aeronautics Structural Subsystem

Structural Subsystem Structural sub team is responsible for the design of the aircraft in cooperation with Αerodynamics Design (aka Aerodynamics) sub team. Structural sub team’s job though does not end there, they are responsible of the materials that are going to be used in an aircraft, the fabrication methods, the assembly and the overall construction […]

Aeronautics Avionics Subsystem

Avionics Subsystem The “Avionics” subsystem works with anything that is related to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s electronics. Specifically, the subsystem’s primary goal is the creation of proper infrastructures for achieving flight and collecting necessary data during it. This includes the construction and maintenance of the aircraft’s electronics, but also the manufacturing, programming, and calibration of […]

Are you interested in Aerospace? | A.S.A.T.'s Recruiting

“Rockets? Satellites? UAVs? Who manufactures them?” How would it sound, if I told you that a few students are designing a UAV? Yes, you got it right, an innovative unmanned air vehicle, capable of lifting loads and execute a specific mission, while using solar power for its function. How would it sound, if I told […]

A Unique Exhibition Experience: TIF HELEXPO 2019

Our team was in Thessaloniki International Fair from September 7 to 15 to guide people to the most fantastic corner of pavilion 14, to provide them a magical trip to the aerospace! In the fair, we exhibited our three projects: our two air-vehicles, Nephele and Aurora, the rocket “Hyperion” and the nanosatellite, “AcubeSat”. All team […]

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