Are you interested in Aerospace? | A.S.A.T.'s Recruiting

“Rockets? Satellites? UAVs? Who manufactures them?” How would it sound, if I told you that a few students are designing a UAV? Yes, you got it right, an innovative unmanned air vehicle, capable of lifting loads and execute a specific mission, while using solar power for its function. How would it sound, if I told […]

A Unique Exhibition Experience: TIF HELEXPO 2019

Our team was in Thessaloniki International Fair from September 7 to 15 to guide people to the most fantastic corner of pavilion 14, to provide them a magical trip to the aerospace! In the fair, we exhibited our three projects: our two air-vehicles, Nephele and Aurora, the rocket “Hyperion” and the nanosatellite, “AcubeSat”. All team […]

Rocketry | Tender-Decender

What is a Tender-Descender? Tender Descender is a device that allows you to perform dual deployment using a single parachute storage compartment.  It works by preventing the main parachute from inflating, even though it has been ejected out of the rocket. At the right time it splits apart allowing the parachute to fully inflate and […]

Flight Tests Reports and H1/H2 Models

At our launch tests on 22nd of March, we used our 2rocket vehicles, H1 and H2. Both of them were designed and built by our team members from scratch. The H1 The H1 rocket is the first G class rocket our team assembled and tested. Its length is 126cm and it has a max diameter […]

Rocketry | Pyrotechnic Mechanism

The recovery of the H1 and H2 rockets was achieved using parachutes, a common way to recover bigger commercial rockets. But how can a parachute be deployed at the apogee in order to recover the rocket? The most common method for deploying the parachute at apogee is by using a pyrotechnic mechanism. The basic idea […]

Rocketry | Propulsion Sub-team

Our 29mm 122-G85 Solid Rocket Motor is fully designed by the Propulsion Sub-team. The aim of the design was to gain experience in designing solid rocket motors, in manufacturing and handling of propellants and in testing motors. So, with our first motor, we managed to develop a design methodology which serves the required mission specifications […]

How to launch a rocket?

We’ve all seen in the movies rockets being launched, but how exactly does this work? The secret is called Ignition Box and it’s something that you all have seen. Our Rocketry team, beside being responsible for the design of rocket Hyperion, needs to create its own Ignition Box. It is formed by a key operated […]

ASAT is going to Spaceport America Cup 2019!

Great News! ASAT is the first greek team to take part in an international rocketry contest!  Our Rocketry team is one of the 122 teams selected to participate in the Spaceport America Cup 2019 contest, which will take place in USA, on June 18-22, 2019!  Go check the list of the teams here: 2019 Spaceport America Cup […]

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